COVID-19 has put all of our lives on hold. This is a time when we need to help our friends, families and neighbors ensure they have the basics of day to day life.

We at Girls Inc. are doing our part by keeping our Community Food Pantry up and running at our Empowerment Center in Mark’s Village.

We are also bracing for the impact that prolonged school closures will have on our girls. In a state that is ranked 49th in education, our children risk falling even further behind because of the havoc caused by the coronavirus. But when schools reopen, and summer comes along, we will be ready to pick back up where we left off, helping our girls increase their literacy skills, thrive in STEM, and become strong, resilient leaders of tomorrow.

We need your help. By cancelling our annual Cajun Cook-off fundraiser, we are at risk of falling short of funding needed to fulfill our mission.

Please consider making a donation today to Girls Inc. of Central Alabama. We are facing immense challenges as a community right now, and we must brace for even greater challenges in the coming months.

But together, with your support, we will be there for our girls at a time when they need us the most.

Each share, tweet, and email helps us spread the word about Girls Inc of Central Alabama.

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